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About Us

The company was founded in 2014 When a team of professionals was formed and achieved great success in the market, we created our own robot to search for “risk-free bet”.

Our company offers you to invest in a group of highly specialized professionals with extensive experience in this sphere and receive a stable% of its contribution are ABSOLUTELY without risk and loss. Also, you can get training from the best coaches of our company, who will lead you through all this wilds and teach you how to earn a steady income, regardless of work, neither age nor region of residence. And most importantly, that will provide skills that will give you a lifetime income.

As long as there are offices and bids, the forks are not going anywhere.

Why our strategy is win-win?

The game is easy. We bet on all possible outcomes of the event and due to the difference between margin and we have a stable income.

For example, the World Cup 2018 recently passed in Russia, where there were a lot of interesting, and most importantly, unexpected outcomes of matches.

In the match Germany - South Korea (0-2), 96% put on the obvious favorite -the Germans and were the losers, and no one even allowed draws. We bet on the victory of the first, a draw and the victory of the second, but we do it in different offices.


South Korea



17 7.5 1.3



$ 1000

Fork use

Bet   Kf   Win
60 * 17 = $ 1020
140 * 7.5 = $ 1050
800 * 1.3 = $ 1040

These are real coefficients taken from different offices. Having a bank of $ 1000, we can distribute mathematically everything so that any of the winners will give us +++, albeit not large, but clear and stable.

As you can see, we have from the 1st plug from 2 to 5% in any outcome. As a rule, our strategy gives from 0.5 to 1.5% of profit.

Why then doesn’t the whole world work on “betting forks”? This question can be answered very long and tedious ... Being a “risk-free bet analyst” is not so simple and given by no means everyone. You must learn from a good specialist, have a good start-up capital and work many hours a day.

Why us?

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Our own scanner

We have developed our own scanner by examining the software module for calculating the "arbitrage players". Our scanner processes 870 megabits of information every second and selects the most win-win options according to given criteria.

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Team of professionals

A team of 136 experienced analysts and “forklifts” processes the information received by the scanner and selects the most win-win options.

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Powerful technology

Own information scanner

Bots analytics

Own servers and databases with the most powerful computing center

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Any fraud in the system is always stopped. Such a situation with "forking bets". Our tactics make it possible to disguise ourselves as ordinary players, moving away from mass arbitrageurs.

To investor

Bookmakers have long earned a person's love for risk and the desire to get rich quick. After all, an easy and unexpected win is always more pleasant than a regular salary. The basis of the bookmaker is an advantage over the players. The margin in the coefficients and the best estimate of the chances in the matches gives the office this advantage. This strategy is called "risk-free bet " or “betting forks”. Every bookmaker will want to block you if he finds out that you are earning on arbitration in bets. Such a situation may arise due to competition between offices in the amount of coefficients. Bookmakers do not always notice this on time. This is the main income of our company - the difference in coefficients. Unfortunately, when people hear something like "betting forks," only a few of them correctly understand what it means. The bet on anything immediately comes to mind as a casino or lottery. Actually, only 1 person per 100’000 makes real money on and this is real statistics.
Why you should read further and figure out what it is then? Everything is very simple! If you score on the Internet and read, what it is, it will become known that betting forks is a win-win strategy for sports betting. We know that there are a lot of privateers with the best analytics, strategy, and other interesting things. However, no matter how professional a privateer is, there is always a risk in his predictions, otherwise everyone would have won a long time ago, and it is impossible to find a reliable insider. You can easily notice the scale of development and prospects after working with us for several months. This is not a panacea for financial problems, a lottery or a casino - this is a work where possession of a multitude of skills, knowledge, patience and calculation is necessary. We cover the maximum number of clients who are somehow involved in or interested in business and making money.

Network marketing

Bring your friends and build your own business.



To investor

Three   investment   packages   with   excellent   returns


Forklift or player

You can get trained by professionals and earn money


There is only one goal: earn as much money as possible. Good referral program will allow you to increase your income.




250 $


15 days

Per day




1000 $


24 days

Per day




10 000$


26 days

Per day


Referral program

1 level


2 level


1 level


2 level


Answers on questions

What is “betting forks”?

Betting forks is a win-win sports strategy.

Who is “forklift”?

Forklift is a person, who is engaged in “betting forks”.

What offices do you work with?

Such as 1xBet, Bet365 and other.

How do forklifts evade office traps?

There are a number of rules that allow you to do this.

How are offices struggling with forklifts?

Offices are cutting maximum bids and soon don’t accept them at all.

Where can I get training?

There are other free courses on the Internet. You can also do this in our company.

What is the maximum percentage you can do on a single bet ?

It’s about 10-15%.

How many betting forks per day can I make?

It all depends on the day.7-15 during the week and 50-80 at the weekend.

What skills should have a forklift?

Patience, prudence, quickness.


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